Weltgrößtes Pelzauktionshaus erhält zwei VERA Urkunden


Kopenhagen Fur, the world’s largest fur auction house, has just received two VERA Verification Statements based on testing the effect of slurry removal frequency from slurry pits.

The test institute AgroTech A/S conducted the tests, which showed significant reduction in ammonia by removing slurry frequently from the slurry pits.  
The VERA tests have shown ammonia reductions of 31 % by slurry removal twice a week compared to once a week and 26 % through daily slurry removal compared to once a week.

What does this matter for Kopenhagen Fur – and how will this affect their members?

”The most important thing for us is to have valid figures that tell us how much ammonia one mink releases per year and how we can reduce it. This is knowledge that we can pass on to our members, who in turn can use it in connection with current removal systems or to invest in new systems,” states Mr. Henrik Bækgaard, Senior Advisor at Kopenhagen Fur, Environment.

A hunch turns into knowledge
”We knew that there was a correlation between the number of removals and ammonia release, but we lacked the documentation, so it was difficult for us to build on this hunch. Our previous knowledge was based on measurements from 2001, but the verified figures make it much easier to collectively inform the mink breeders that they can achieve better environmental effects by making relatively simple changes in their daily slurry management systems. This will also ease our communication with for instance local authorities and advisors. And finally, we are sending a clear message to our surroundings that mink breeders take care of the environment,” continues Henrik Bækgaard.

The Danish Environmental Protection Agency is working on including the new knowledge in the Danish environmental permitting system.