VERA is a multinational collaboration between Denmark, The Netherlands and Germany for testing and verifying environmental technologies within the agricultural sector.

Currently these include the following technologies:

  • Air cleaning technologies
  • Livestock housing and management systems
  • Technologies for reduction of gaseous emissions from land applied manure
  • Covers and other technologies for reduction of gaseous emissions from stored manure
  • Slurry separation technologies


Learn more in the VERA leaflet (pdf, 719 kB)


The management of VERA

VERA was established in 2008 in collaboration between the Dutch, German and Danish environmental and agricultural authorities. Activities are currently ongoing to involve additional countries in the VERA framework.  

The IVB – International VERA Board – consists of representatives from the national agricultural and environmental authorities of the participating countries: The Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment (Ministerie van Infrastructuur en Milieu), The German Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture (Bundesministerium für Ernährung und Landwirtschaft) and the Danish Environmental Protection Agency (Miljøstyrelsen).
The IVB is the decision making authority that establishes the rules, criteria, and scope of the VERA activities.


The International VERA Secretariat

The international VERA Secretariat organizes, coordinates and implements the activities that IVB chooses to launch. The secretariat is also responsible for launching, facilitating and monitoring the activities of the IVC. In addition, the VERA Secretariat handles, among other things the international communication, dissemination and marketing of VERA and running the VERA website.

Furthermore it advices the environmental technology manufacturers, test institutes and authorities and assesses applications for a VERA Verification Statement. Last, but not least the VERA Secretariat issues the VERA Verification Statements and ensures that they are used as intended.

Until 2018 it is currently located in Germany on behalf of the German Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture. Every four years the international secretariat moves to another member state. 


Technical experts

A number of independent technical experts have been appointed in all three countries within each of the technology subject areas that VERA works with.

Internationally, the experts are organized in the International Verification Committee (IVC). The IVC experts are in charge of revising existing protocols and developing entirely new ones. Furthermore, they play a central role in ensuring the uniformity and reliability of the test and verification activities that are carried out within the VERA framework.

Nationally, the experts are organized in a National Technical Advisory Committee (NTAC). The role of the NTAC is to advise test organizations on planned and ongoing activities, evaluate test reports and verification applications and prepare recommendations to the IVB and IVC. In Denmark the NTAC is named MELT.

Test institutes

The test institutes have the main responsibility for planning, conducting and reporting test activities according to the VERA test protocols. The test institutes are independent organizations. They are not directly a part of the VERA organization and can be chosen freely by the applicant. However, the test institutes need to fulfill the requirements and demonstrate the necessary experience and knowledge regarding the areas in which they conduct tests.