Revision of VERA test protocol "Housing systems" approved

On 27 and 28 June 2017 the International VERA Commission (IVC) for Housing systems discussed and in the end approved the latest draft of the revised VERA test protocol in Copenhagen, Denmark. Only a few minor questions and editorial alignments remained open after the meeting which will be added to the document by the International VERA Secretariat. We expect to be able to publish the revised VERA test protocol "Housing systems", version 3, in September on our VERA website. The revised document includes detailed descriptions on measurements in naturally ventilated animal houses using tracer gases.      

Besides the approval of the revision, further steps for the planned inter-laboratory test were agreed and ideas for national stakeholder meetings for housing systems generated.


Thanks again to the group - also to those members and guests who could not take part in this last meeting in a longer series of meetings - for its efforts and excellent work in this comprehensive revision!            


For your information, please find enclosed a poster and a presentation on that subject provided during scientific conferences in 2017.

Poster_revised VERA Protocol (pdf, 841 kB)

Presentation_revised VERA Protocol (pdf, 1685 kB)