VERA at RAMIRAN Conference

From 04 - 06 September VERA and especially the revision of the VERA test protocol "Land application" was presented to a broad audience of scientists, authority representatives and other stakeholders within the framework of the 17th international RAMIRAN conference in Wexford, Ireland.


In line with the key issue of the conference, which was the sustainable utilisation of manures in agriculture, Sven G. Sommer, one of our Danish VERA experts for land applied manure, spoke about the current revision of the VERA test protocol. The targeted extension of the cooperation to other EU member countries besides Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands was also emphasized. His speech and the VERA idea found great interest and consensus in the international conference audience.  

Download his presentation here: Presentation_Ramiran_Sommer (pdf, 2450 kB)

During the final summary of the conference, VERA was again mentioned as a system for the standardisation of test methods and conditions and as a reference method according to BAT.