VERA Stakeholder Meeting for "Air Cleaner Test"

26 October 2017 the International VERA Secretariat together with its experts of the International VERA Commission for Air Cleaning Technologies welcomed around 25 stakeholders, mainly manufacturers or representatives of test institutes, for an international meeting in Hanover, Germany.  

Main target of the meeting was to further optimize the revision of the test protocol and the new VERA verification scheme. 

Download the two presentation here on the new Verification process presented by the VERA Secretariat Iris Beckert NewVerificationProcess (pdf, 2851 kB) and the status of the revised VERA protocol presented by the VERA expert Roland Melse: Revised Testprotocol (pdf, 2441 kB)

Suggestions on some details for describing the test requirements more clearly were discussed. Even though the market potential in this branch was seen limited to some extend, the clear message of this group was to keep the high test quality of VERA. This will assure and promote mutual recognition, especially when extending the VERA cooperation to other European countries and making the VERA verification more valuable for the manufacturers.