VERA Stakeholder Meeting for laboratories in Hanover

Review of the revised VERA test protocol for air cleaning technologies from a different angle

Shortly after the Easter days, the International VERA Secretariat together with the International VERA Commission for air cleaning technologies hosted a stakeholder meeting for test laboratories to discuss the revised draft of the new VERA test protocol, both from a general or formal as well as from a technical point of view. Due to the fact that the test laboratories are the main users of these test protocols, it is important that the test protocol is clear in its requirements. On the other hand, the intensive experiences of the daily work of the test labs hold valuable information which might be worth to be included in the document.

Several test laboratory representatives from the VERA member countries Germany, Denmark and the Netherlands were invited to this one-day meeting on Wednesday, 19 April 2017 in Hanover, Germany. Many new ideas and additional aspects came up. In addition, the understanding for the verification scheme itself could be clarified.


The following day, the VERA experts conferred about the ideas and suggestions of the meeting with the test laboratories to decide which aspects should be included into the new draft. The ongoing revision of this VERA test protocol is now almost finished. After adding some of the comments to the draft, the final approval by the international experts is necessary for publication!


Thanks again to all participants for the fruitful and efficient discussions!