VERA Workshop on Bioaerosols

Newly founded working group met in Hanover  

On Thursday, 30 March 2017, the newly founded VERA working group for bioaerosols came together for its first meeting in Hanover, Germany. The one day workshop emphazised on the fundamental analysis whether and how bioaerosols could be integrated into the VERA test protocol for "Air cleaners", as bioaerosols move into the focus of politics in several countries.

International experts from the Netherlands, Germany and Denmark discussed possible health effects or risks as well as the quality of existing measurement methods. It was agreed by the group that current knowledge on bioaerosols and their impact on people are not yet satisfactorily investigated. As soon as the results of ongoing studies on that topic are finalized and existing research data are reviewed and collected, the group plans to start integrating this important test parameter into the VERA test protocol for air cleaners by mid-2018.