Flanders signs formalities to become an official VERA member

We are delighted that Flanders is now the first additional country to join the VERA initiative and strengthens our cooperation within Europe!

For becoming a VERA member, it is necessary to sign the ‘Rights and obligations of VERA member countries’. A VERA member agrees to the general aim of the cooperation, the processes in terms of verification and harmonisation of test procedures laid down in the General VERA Guidelines as well as accepts VERA verifications as one of the options to facilitate a national approval of environmental technologies. On the other hand, it has a right to vote and subsequently, participate actively in the process of developing VERA and steer its strategy. 

Flanders represented by ILVO has now signed these documents. After the official confirmation of Flanders acceptance by the VERA Board, they can start helping shape VERA.

We are looking forward to collaborating more with Flanders in the future!