Trends from 4th EU ETV Stakeholder Forum

The European Union Environmental Technology Verification (EU ETV) Pilot Programme is a voluntary verification scheme launched by the European Commission in order to generate independent and credible information by reliable test results on new environmental technologies. Thus, its general aim and approach are similar to VERA. In terms of improving internationalization, a potential future collaboration might generate a higher awareness and boost mutual recognition of VERA verifications in Europe. Therefore, the VERA Board has decided to follow the developments of EU ETV closely.

Around 25 participants attended the 4th Stakeholder Forum on 15 February 2018 in Brussels to exchange views on the results of the evaluation of the EU ETV pilot programme and the feasibility of potential options for the future.

One of the four potential options aims for a closer link between the BREF and ETV by proofing the performance of technologies in support of performance-based legislation. The basic principles of VERA seem to fit in this option best. However, the external evaluation study is still on-going until March/April 2018 and the approval of the official commission document is estimated for end of 2018. Even though everything is still open at this moment, broadening the scope of ETV seems most likely which would at least provide an option for a potential future collaboration.

If you want to learn more, the presentations of the day will soon be published here: