VERA Test protocol “Covers” opens the series of revisions


In the last few years all VERA test protocols have been under revision to reflect the latest-state-of-the-art. The new documents were discussed and reworked in several VERA Committee meetings, telephone conferences and emails with the respective experts.


We are proud to finally publish the first revised VERA test protocol of this revisions` series today.

 The VERA test protocol for “Covers and other Mitigation Technologies Reduction of Gaseous Emissions from Stored Manure” – Version 3:2018-07 is now available on our VERA website:

VERA Test protocol Covers (pdf, 789 kB)


The new version 3:2018-07 differs from the earlier version 2:2013 as follows:

  1. The order of sections has been modified to be uniform for all VERA test protocols and to be consistent with the VERA basic structure for test reports. The general format and structure of the documents have been harmonised using a new ‘high level structure’. This should help the user to navigate through the documents and bring them closer to the format of an international standard.
  2. The requirements and recommendations are more precisely indicated, especially for the description of sampling and testing certain parameters, e.g. minimum dimensions for both liquid and solid storages, description of the use of dynamic chambers, including examples in the Annex.
  3. In order to keep the option of a verification on odour in this protocol, measurements can be performed according to the VDI 3880. However, this might be accepted only by German authorities, and may not be in other countries. As soon there are more precise measurement methods available, these should be used.


This revised document was drawn up by nominated international experts on the ‘International VERA committee’ (IVC) for Covers and other Mitigation Technologies for Stored Manure.
For Denmark:  Sven G. Sommer, University of Southern Denmark; Tavs Nyord, Aarhus University
For Germany:  Barbara Amon, ATB
For the Netherlands:  Julio Mosquera Losada, WUR

Many thanks at this point to these VERA experts for their effort and excellent job!


Outlook: it is planned to publish a German version of this test protocol by autumn.