Denmark passes the torch

In 2014, Germany will take over responsibility for the international VERA Secretariat. Denmark has sat at the helm during the first 4-year period.

Transfer of the international secretariat to Germany
 Since the beginning of the collaboration, the agreement has been that the management of the international secretariat function will change hands between the countries. Therefore, from 1 January 2014, Germany will take over the international responsibilities, which consist of, among other things, coordinating the evaluation of VERA tests and developing and revising test protocols. 
By the end of 2013 Danish Standards Foundation in Denmark has been responsible for the secretariat for four years. Together with the Danish Environmental Protection Agency and the German Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection, Danish Standards Foundation is planning the transfer process so everything will be in place by the turn of the year.

Faster and more flexible application handling One of the challenges in the international cooperation has been to find common ground relating to the evaluation of test plans and applications. To ensure a uniform approach to using and interpreting the VERA test protocols, a program for mutual accept of test results was agreed upon in May 2012. Among other things, this program involves sending the test reports out to the impartial experts in all three VERA countries. In practice, it has proven difficult at times to reach complete agreement between all the experts. For some technology manufacturers, this has meant that they have had to await answers for a disproportionate amount of time.

To avoid getting the technology manufacturers caught in the middle and thus delaying their marketing and sales activities, the last international board meeting in IVB decided that the international VERA Secretariat will, if necessary, decide how to solve a specific case. This will lead to quicker and more flexible handling of international applications.