The new International VERA Secretariat

Iris Beckert
Head of International VERA Secretariat

Sabine Fornoff


The new International VERA Secretariat welcomes you on the new VERA website!


The German Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture has agreed to take over the responsibility of hosting and financing the International VERA Secretariat from Denmark for the next period until September 2018. With the transfer from Denmark to Germany also the staff has changed.

As new persons in charge we would like to take the chance and introduce ourselves to you:

Head of the new International VERA Secretariat is Iris Beckert. The agricultural engineer was already member of the International VERA commission "Housing systems". Therefore, she witnessed parts of the VERA evolution before taking over the VERA Secretariat.
In her studies of agricultural science at the University of Munich-Weihenstephan she specialized in animal husbandry and agricultural engineering. During her professional career Iris developed chemicals, like disinfectants and cleaners for the use in livestock production and other agricultural applications. Later she was in charge of testing agricultural machines and equipment mainly for pig and poultry husbandry systems and technology for hygiene purposes. In addition to focusing on efficacy and technology specific parameters the target was to evaluate also animal welfare issues. Apart from that Iris has gained experiences in testing air scrubbers and in evaluating emissions. As head of the chemical lab of the DLG she is familiar with test lab norms and accreditation processes. 
All these experiences will help her leading the VERA secretariat`s activities in the next period and continue the work of the former VERA Secretariat.

For all organizational work within the International VERA Secretariat Iris will be assisted by Sabine Fornoff. As an educated European Business Assistant she is familiar with international processes, global business and market conditions. During her professional career, Sabine gained broad experience in assisting managers in the international environment of various investment banks. Before joining the International VERA Secretariat, she worked in an international pharmaceutical company. Her fluent language skills of English, French and Spanish as well as her excellent work organization make her a very valuable contact person within the secretariat.  

We are looking forward to an exciting new period of VERA and to accompany the VERA process in expanding the idea. Apart from coordinating all VERA activities and players, we aim to further improve the verification processes, help revising the test protocols and assist the VERA Board to win new partners within Europe.

Wishing us all a fruitful collaboration with a successful future of VERA!
You are most welcome to contact us on any questions on VERA you might have.