DLG Forum on Emissions 2017

The use of air cleaning technologies as well as process-integrated emission-reducing measures gain increasing focus in livestock production, especially with regards to the new edition of the German regulation 'TA Luft' and the BATs. Having this in mind 80 representatives from authorities, ministries of the environment and agriculture, engineering offices, interested farmers as well as other stakeholders met on 30 May 2017 in Kassel for this year's DLG Forum on Emissions. During this one-day meeting recognized scientists, engineers and ministry representatives were invited to give speeches about the newest development of technologies, their application (issues) and the regulatory framework. Iris Beckert, as Head of the International VERA Secretariat, was also given the opportunity to present the current status of VERA verifications of emission-reducing technologies in Europe.           

Download Iris` presentation (in German) here: VERA_DLGtagung (pdf, 2555 kB)