Kick-off: Revision of VERA test protocol "Land applied manure"

Room "Reflection"

Room "Decision"

Meeting of International VERA Commission in Wageningen 

The names of our meeting rooms describe very well the last meeting of the International VERA Commission for Land applied manure at the Campus of Wageningen, The Netherlands:

  • Day 1, 07 February 2017, was used for a deep reflection on the latest research on new measurement methods and studies comparing different techniques and application technologies.
  • Day 2 followed with common decisions on how to implement these results and findings into the VERA test protocol for land application of livestock manure as a basis for the revision of the existing one.

It was decided to skip odour measurements from the VERA test protocol as long as there is no meaningful method for low odour levels available. Olfactometry needs higher levels of odour than they are common in land application to be precise enough for concluding reduction rates. Similar to the ongoing revisions of the other VERA test protocols, the new document will also contain a description of "standard conditions" for a test which are a summary of common practices and requirements in the participating countries. The revised version of the VERA test protocol might contain a new measurement method for ammonia.To aim for some target, the RAMIRAN conference in September was fixed as a deadline for the next step in the revision and for a next meeting option.

The idea to include also emissions from trade fertilizers to the scope of the test protocol seems not perfect due to the fact that measurement methods are not completely identical and need to be adapted accordingly. Therefore, it was decided to focus on the review of the existing test protocol with regards to land applied manure first and maybe develop a separate VERA test protocol for trade fertilizers later.


For Germany Sebastian Wulf is a new member and German representative in this group as Andreas Pacholski, the former German member, had to leave the group due to other obligations.

Thanks again to Andreas for all his effort and valuable contribution to the expert group in the last years!
Welcome to Sebastian as new member of the IVC "Land applied manure"!

We could also welcome Peter Demeyer from Flanders, Belgium, as guest in this group.
A warm welcome to you Peter, as well!