Major milestone for VERA: "General VERA Guidelines" published

Cooperation can now be extended to other countries  

The International VERA Secretariat is proud to announce that a major milestone in the VERA history has been completed: recently, the "General VERA Guidelines" (GVGs) have been published after the official approval by all VERA member countries.

The 50 pages long document includes a precise definition of the involved VERA bodies and partners, a comprehensive description of all processes for the verification and the development of test protocols as well as requirements how the VERA logo and the VERA Verification Statement may be used and how this should be supervised. In addition, the quality management system in the individual process phases are described in an own chapter.

The "General VERA Guidelines" (GVGs) open the door to a further extension of the international VERA cooperation. They offer the basic framework for new VERA member countries. We will now actively start inviting other European countries to join VERA!

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