News 2018

Germany hands over the VERA flag

Time to say goodbye and thank you!
From now on, the Dutch NEN will take over the International VERA Secretariat.



German versions for 'Housing' and 'air cleaner' protocol online

Check them out here....



Revised VERA test protocol ‘Air Cleaners’ finalized

Ready for free download here...



Most popular test protocol revised: Housing systems

After the final approvals, it is now available for free download.



Flanders signs VERA formalities to become an official VERA member

We are delighted that Flanders represented by ILVO has now signed the documents. After the official confirmation by the VERA Board, they can start helping shape VERA.



2nd German VERA test protocol published: ‘Covers’

For the convenience of our German stakeholders, the VERA test protocol for ‘Covers and other Mitigation Technologies Reduction of Gaseous Emissions from Stored Manure – Version 3:2018-07’ is now available.



German version of VERA test protocol 'Separation' available

Read more and download the first German test protocol here ...



DLG TestService authorized as German VERA Verification Body

The VERA Board has decided to authorize the DLG TestService GmbH as VERA Verification Body in Germany.



2nd revised VERA test protocol published: ‘Slurry Separation’

After the publication of the VERA test protocol for ‘Covers’ last week, we are proud that the VERA test protocol for ‘Slurry Separation Technologies’ – Version 3:2018-07 will follow today!



VERA Glossary with German translations and List of Abbreviations available

Using defined terms helps to understand each other better. As a helpful tool and valuable ‘byproduct’ of our revisions of the VERA test protocols, we have summarised all terms and definitions from these documents as well as the abbreviations in new files. Download them now!


VERA Test protocol “Covers” opens the series of revisions

We are proud to finally publish the first revised VERA test protocol of this revisions` series today.

The VERA test protocol for “Covers and other Mitigation Technologies Reduction of Gaseous Emissions from Stored Manure” – Version 3:2018-07 is now available on our VERA website.



VERA session at AgEng Conference in Wageningen

During the international Conference for Agricultural Engineering AgEng in Wageningen VERA was given the opportunity on 17 July 2018 to run an own 1.5 hour session about the status of VERA with regard to organisational and technical aspects.



2nd VERA Workshop on Bioaerosols

Specialised VERA experts with different approaches met in Berlin to share their latest results



1st VERA Board meeting with potential new members

The VERA Board meeting 7/8 May 2018 was to be the first with two potential new member countries: The Belgian Flanders and Switzerland.



Invitation to new countries

Learn more about becoming a VERA member on 8 May 2018 in Berlin



Welcome Flanders

We are delighted to strengthen our collaboration with Flanders, Belgium!



Lists of test institutes and authorized VERA Verification bodies available!

Upon requests, lists with contact details are now available on our website.



VERA at 4th EU ETV Stakeholder Forum 

Promising trends at the 4th EU ETV Stakeholder Forum on 15 February 2018 in Brussels