DLG TestService authorised as German VERA verification body

Exactly one year after the authorisation of the Danish ETA Danmark A/S, being the very first VERA Verification Body, it is with great pleasure that we can inform you today that the VERA Board has decided to authorise DLG TestService GmbH to be the German VERA Verification Body!

The DLG group has a long history in testing and certifying agricultural equipment as well as when it comes to VERA. In the beginning of VERA, DLG staff were involved in several VERA expert groups when the first VERA test protocols were developed, primarily due to their experience with their own DLG test programme for air cleaners. Today the DLG TestService is also involved in performing VERA tests as a test institute.
Not only in a technical regard, DLG was chosen four years ago to take over the tasks of the international VERA Secretariat when hosted by the German ministry to coordinate the international VERA activities.

In brief, the DLG has broad expertise in VERA, as well as in technical and in standardisation matters, with a broad knowledge and network ranging from food and feed material to large agricultural machinery and electronics.
The DLG TestService GmbH has shown that the VERA verification body will be strictly separated from the testing activities by employing staff from different departments for testing and verification. Furthermore, it aims to extend the scope of its existing ISO 17020 accreditation with which its impartiality and independency can be proven and will automatically be monitored in the regular audits by the national accreditation body. 

Therefore, it has been an easy decision for the VERA Board to select this organisation to become the VERA verification body in Germany.

From now on, DLG TestService GmbH can perform VERA verifications. According to our General VERA Guidelines, it will coordinate any activities between the applicant and other parties involved in the course of the VERA verification process. Any manufacturer can now apply for a VERA verification with the DLG TestService – in German or, of course, in English!

Interested? Contact Stefano Mastrogiovanni for more details!

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