Terms and Conditions for a VERA application


When applying for a VERA Verification Statement, you have to accept that the application is processed according to the following:


1. General terms 

1.1. The VERA Organisation does not endorse, certify or approve technologies. VERA verifications are based on an evaluation of the technology performance under specific, predetermined criteria and the appropriate quality assurance procedures. VERA makes no expressed or implied warranties as to the performance of the technology and does not certify that a technology will always operate as verified.  

1.2. The end user is solely responsible for complying with any and all applicable federal, state, and local requirements. Further the end user must be aware that the countries involved in VERA are having different legal requirements which will influence the status and use of this verification statement in each country.


2. Validity

2.1. A VERA Verification Statement is only valid for the specific verified product/technology and the tested animal category. There is no time limit for the validity of a VERA Verification Statement as long as the product/technology stays unmodified. The International VERA Secretariat can, however, at any time invalidate the VERA Verification Statement if it is found to be misused or if significant modifications have been made to the product/technology that are estimated to have a negative effect on the environmental efficiency or operational stability. In regard to the latter the International VERA Secretariat can require that a new VERA test should be performed.

2.2. A VERA Verification Statement provides access to the admission of the specific technology on the Danish Technology List of environmental efficient Technologies for agricultural purpose administered by the Danish Environmental Protection Agency and to the Dutch Rav list administered by the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment provided that the VERA test shows adequate operational stability and sufficient environmental efficiency. The final Evaluation for Admission on these lists is solely a decision made by the individual ministries in question.


3. Processing an application

3.1. When the Verification Body receives the application, the applicant will be notified if the application meets the formal requirements and if the required documents are included.

3.2. The application is evaluated by the Verification Body in collaboration with the International VERA Secretariat and a group of international experts. The involved parties are obliged to handle all Information confidentially. Potential Intellectual Property Right issues have to be clarified together with the Verification Body when submitting the application.

3.3. The duration of the evaluation procedure depends on the quality of the application and the attached documentation.  If additional information is needed, the processing period can be prolonged. The Verification Body aims to keep the applicant continuously informed about the status of the evaluation.

3.4. A VERA verification can be granted when it has been verified that a test has been carried out according to the demands in the applicable VERA test protocol. The VERA Verification Statement is ready for issuing after approval by the International VERA Expert Group, the International VERA Secretariat and the Verification Body handling the application. The applicant has five days to comment before the final VERA Verification Statement can be issued.

3.5. The VERA Verification Statement describes among other things which technology the statement is concerning, a description of the Technology, the results from the test, focussing on the environmental efficiency and operational stability and the terms and conditions for using the VERA Verification Statement.

3.6. The VERA Verification Statement issued in English is the legally binding document. Statements in other languages are only possible after approval and publication by the International VERA Secretariat.


4. Terms of Use of the VERA Verification Statement

The use of this VERA Verification Statement must be in compliance with chapter B.VII of the General VERA Guidelines, among others:

4.1. The applicant must inform the International VERA Secretariat or the VERA Verification Body if any modifications are applied to the technology that can significantly influence the environmental efficiency and/or the operational stability.

4.2. This verification cannot be considered as an endorsement, approval, authorization or warranty of any kind, and the performance parameters provided cannot be extended to other applications or to other technologies.

4.3. The applicant agrees not to use this VERA Verification Statement, the test reports, or to refer to those, for any other technology than the one specified in the statement. 

4.4. The VERA Verification Statement will be made available for public access at the VERA website: www.vera-verification.eu. This relates also to VERA approved statements in any other language beside English.

4.5. All other Information obtained or produced during the verification process is considered confidential and will not be made available at anyone outside the VERA organisation.


5. General Terms when communicating about VERA

5.1. You may use the name and logo of VERA without restrictions when reporting on the VERA program as a whole, i. e. when it is not about the verified performance of a specific Technology. Therefore an article in the press, a post in a blog or on a website could use the VERA logo to advertise the program.

5.2. In case you tend to report on the verification of a certain technology, especially when publicizing its performance, you must include and mention all of the following elements:

  • name of technology and manufacturer
  • application area
  • verified performance including specific operational conditions
  • explicit reference to the VERA Verification Statement (number, date of verification and website)

5.3. VERA name and logo may not be used

  • as part of a company name, product name, service name, domain name or website title - with the exception of VERA Verification Bodies using them in the context of their VERA activities.
  • associated with a company or technology that has not obtained a VERA verification.