Next VERA chapter opened

12 October

During its 2nd meeting of the year this week, the International VERA Board has decided on new milestones and priorities for the future strategy of the VERA cooperation.

The approval of the new “General VERA Guidelines” defining the verification processes and quality management within VERA and with that professionalizing our verification system, is only a short step away now. As soon as the guidelines are approved by all members of the International VERA Board, they will be published on the VERA website. With this new basis, we aim to further extend our cooperation to additional countries.

Due to the fact that emission measurement methods are very similar for land application of organic and chemical fertilizers, the scope of the VERA test protocol will not be limited to manure application, but also be opened to non-livestock related substances.

During the meeting at the reasearch institute Agroscope in Taenikon, Switzerland, the group was introduced to the new built experimental farm for emission measurements in dairy cow houses which allows excellent case-control measurements like the VERA test protocol for Housing Systems describes them.

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