From test to VERA Verification Statement



How to obtain a VERA Verification Statement



1. Before applying

It is recommended to contact the authorities in charge before initiating a test. The VERA responsible parties can provide advice in relation to planning and conducting tests. This facilitates the subsequent process, resulting in a more complete application process.


2. Application

The application for a VERA Verification Statement consists of an application form, the signed ‘Terms and Conditions’ as well as the technical documentation. The technical documentation must include all technical information that illustrate the construction and working principle of the technology along with any other relevant documents or already existing test reports according to the requirements of the relevant VERA test protocol.

An eligibility check by the VERA Verification Body proves the relevance and completeness of the application. The applicant signs a contract for verification with the Verification Body and, if applicable, with the test body for testing.


3. Testing

An independent test body, which fulfils the requirements according to the General VERA Guidelines is responsible for planning, conducting and reporting the VERA test.

The duration of the test depends on the applied test protocol. Approximately, one year of testing is necessary for air cleaning technologies and livestock housings, respectively two months for technologies for land application and separation technologies and five months for storage technologies.

The test body elaborates a test plan in consultation with the Verification Body and the International Expert Group (IEG) and subsequently performs the test and documents it in the required test report.


4. Verification

In consultation with the International Expert Group, the Verification Body reviews the data set. All members of the relevant expert group can comment and approve the data.

The Verification Body verifies whether the test has been carried out according to the applied test protocol, evaluates the plausibility of results and assesses the operational stability of the technology.


5. Reporting

A VERA Verification Statement can be issued based on a successful verification report. It will be drafted and reviewed by the Verification Body in consultation with the relevant International Expert Group. Both the expert group and the applicant will approve the VERA Verification Statement before its publication.


6. Publication

The VERA Verification Statement is registered by the International VERA Secretariat and published on the official VERA website. This relates also to any VERA approved statements in any other language beside English.

A VERA Verification Statement is product specific and only valid for the particular tested technology. An applicant must inform the International VERA Secretariat or the VERA Verification Body if any modifications are applied to the technology that can significantly influence the environmental efficiency and / or the operational stability.


A VERA Verification Statement

  • will facilitate international acceptance of a technology and access to the international market.
  • provides you with a unique marketing tool: a VERA verification ensures credibility for the environmental efficiency and operational stability of an environmental technology

For more information, please refer to Part B: Verification procedure of the General VERA Guidelines, page 18 ff.