The VERA system offers farmers a selection of technologies with documented environmental efficiency and operational stability


Currently the VERA system includes the followingĀ technologies:

  • Air cleaning technologies
  • Livestock housing and management systems
  • Technologies for reduction of gaseous emissions from land applied manure
  • Cover and other technologies for reduction of gaseous emissions from stored manure
  • Slurry separation technologies


The purpose of the VERA system is to develop a well-functioning market for environmental agro technologies and to help solve the environmental challenges of agricultural production.

It can be difficult for a single farmer to assess whether a specific technology meets the environmental efficiency indicated by the manufacturer and whether the technology works in practice. The VERA system addresses these uncertainties.

The VERA Verification Statement is granted on the basis of a completed VERA test. The VERA test is conducted by an independent test institute according to a VERA test protocol and includes both testing of the environmental efficiency and operational stability. As specified in the test protocols, test reports are produced and sent to the national verification authorities. The VERA Secretariat issues a VERA Verification Statement based on recommendations from the national verification authorities.

VERA is a collaboration between the Danish, German, Dutch and Flemish environmental authorities, and therefore facilitates the development and market for environmental agro technologies on an international level.