The VERA system is among other things, established as a help for attainment of the general BAT demands on European livestock productions


VERA is implemented differently in the three participating countries, and is still not completely in place within the involved authorities.

However, in Denmark a VERA Verification Statement that has been issued on the basis of a VERA test in Germany and the Netherlands can be sent to the VERA Secretariat along with an application, if the technology manufacturer wants to apply for admission to the Danish Technology List. The Technology List is a part of the Danish Approval Act (DAA) for livestock production etc. The VERA system is fully implemented in Denmark, meaning that all technologies that are admitted to the Technology List need to be tested according to one of the VERA test protocols. The purpose of the Technology List is to give the municipalities and farmers an overview of market available technologies that can be used to fulfill the environmental requirements of the DAA.

In the Netherlands the VERA test protocols for air scrubbers and housing systems are applicable in addition to the protocol approved in the Regulation on ammonia and livestock (Rav – which is a Dutch abbreviation). The Rav allows the use of an equivalent measurement method other than the approved protocol. The technical advisory committee of the Regulation on ammonia and livestock (TacRav) concluded that the VERA protocols describe a similar method.