Application for VERA Verification Statement


How can I apply for a VERA Verification Statement?   To apply for a VERA Verification Statement use the application form: Application form   To complete your application, please sign…

Test protocols


Basically, the test protocols can be used to provide reliable and comparable information about the performance of new technologies to farmers, authorities and other stakeholders. The test protocols have been…

Test institutes


An independent test institute is responsible for planning, conducting and reporting the VERA test. The test institute must meet the requirements of the relevant VERA test protocol and of ISO 17025. In addition, it must demonstrate…

VERA Verification bodies


The VERA Verification Body is responsible for carrying out the VERA verification process. It coordinates any activities between the applicant and other parties in the course of a VERA verification. The VERA Verification…

From test to VERA Verification Statement


How to obtain a VERA Verification Statement     1. Before applying It is recommended to contact the authorities in charge before initiating a test. The VERA responsible parties can…

Become a member


VERA now open for new member countries  Are you a European country and looking for an adequate proof of emission reducing technologies in agriculture? – VERA might be your choice…

VERA Glossary


Using defined terms and common abbreviations helps to understand each other better All terms and definitions as well as abbreviations used in the VERA test protocols have been summarised in…



What does “VERA” stand for? VERA = “Verification of environmental technologies for agricultural production” VERA is a multinational cooperation between Denmark, the Netherlands and Germany for testing and verification of…

General VERA Guidelines


The General VERA Guidelines (GVGs) are the official document regulating the uniform procedures for a VERA verification for all VERA member countries. The 49 pages long document includes a precise…

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